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Throttle Controls, Battery Isolators, Warning Light Flashers, Electrical System Monitors, Converters

Throttle Controls - (Electro-mechanical)
Use: For increasing alternator output

Model# Description
73-46 Throttle Control
73-48 Installation kit, throttle control
70-VG Low volt control assy

Battery Isolators - (Dual battery systems)
Use: For protecting the starting battery from being discharged

Model# Description
50-140 Silicon isolator, 2 battery, 180 amp
51-140 Shotky isolator, 2 battery, 250 amp
52-75 Shotky isolator, medical, 75 amp surge

Warning Light Flashers - Alternating and Duo-mode
Use: For emergency vehicles

Model# Description
1250GCP Alternating, dual 50 A
1616GCP Alternating, dual 12A
1840GCP Duo-mode 30/30/30A
1860GCP Duo-mode 40/24/30A

Electrical System Monitors - (Battery systems)
Use: For early detection of battery failure

Model# Description
EM-70C 12/24 volt input


12 volt input

Converters - (DC to DC)
Use: For operating special 24 volt equipment

Model# Description
91-10A 12v-24v/10A

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