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Dynamic Inverters

Dynamic Inverters and Accessories

Use: for all continuous loads over 1500 watts

Dynamic Inverters and Accessories
(120 VAC high powered square wave output)

Note: All dynamic inverter systems require a replacement alternator, Input harness, and throttle control. Call or "Submit Question," for Expert auto electric to select all the required, and desired accessories for your application.

Model# Output Watts
A30 - 70X 3600
A40-120X 4800
A60-120X 6000
A60 - 70X 7200
Additional Accessories
C05050 Relay, tachometer, 4-1160
4685-06627 Relay, bypass for larger than
140 amp alternators, 4-7211
D05060 Harness, 20 ft. input
D05228 Harness, 30 ft. input
D05031 Remote, dash mtg., 4-201
D05032 Remote, panel mtg., 4-202
D05033 Remote, rocker switch, 4-203

Dynamote - Vanner - Redi-Line

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